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Treatment options for your deteriorated treasure are based on several factors - the nature of the deterioration, the condition of your artifact and how you will be storing it or displaying it.

Examples of common
treatment procedures:

  • surface cleaning to reduce superficial dirt
  • washing to reduce acidity, stain reduction
  • removal of "Scotch" tape or other pressure sensitive tape
  • removal of adhesive residue
  • removal and replacement of destructive backings
  • filling areas of paper loss
  • in-painting areas of image loss
  • relaxing or flattening severely folded or rolled items
  • mending creases and tears
  • removal of mold
  • re-housing into protective folders or custom-made boxes

Some damaged articles
to be restored

The Conservation Clinic also offers DIGITAL RESTORATION of vintage documents and photos through DIGITAL RECONSTRUCTION owned by Jesse Allison. For further information .

Before any work commences on your article we will discuss all treatment options with you. We will then provide you with a suitable treatment plan and a no-obligation cost estimate. Upon completion of your project you will receive a set of "before treatment" and "after treatment" photographs along with a full written report.

Fees are based on an hourly rate. A no-obligation estimate is included in the condition assessment

The Conservation Clinic welcomes from individuals, museums, art galleries, archives, libraries, historical societies, churches, genealogical societies, community organizations, businesses and other collection-holding institutions.

View photos that show completed projects from The Conservation Clinic and what they looked like prior to restoration.

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