Preserving Your Past with Professionalism, Integrity and Pride

Are your letters, certificates, photos or art work the glue that holds your personal history together?


Do you store your treasures in obscure boxes or out-of-the-way drawers?


When you return to those boxes and drawers, have you discovered that time and improper storage have damaged your collections?

The Conservation Clinic Can Help

We specialize in treating paper-based articles, including

  • maps
  • letters and certificates
  • drawings, sketches, posters, prints, paintings and frames
  • diaries and ledgers
  • scrapbooks
  • photographs and photo albums
  • parchment artifacts

If you have an item that is deteriorated but made of a different element (textile, stone, wood, metal, ceramic), please call us for a consultation.

To view some restored items, visit our gallery.

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The Conservation Clinic welcomes enquiries from individuals, museums, art galleries, archives, libraries, historical societies, churches, genealogical societies, community organizations, businesses and other collection-holding institutions.


The Conservation Clinic uses only materials that are stable, durable, and adhere to the Code of Ethics and Guidance for Practice of the Canadian Association for Conservation of Cultural Property and of the Canadian Association of Professional Conservators.

Basia Baklinski, proprietor of The Conservation Clinic, is a highly skilled conservator with 20 years of conservation experience

The Conservation Clinic, Peterborough, Ontario, 705-927-4576

2007 Basia Baklinski

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